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One of the most pleasing aspects of a break to Dundee is the sheer variety of things to do and see nearby. The city is in a prime location, with a glorious riverfront setting and within reach of stunning Scottish countryside as well as some rightly celebrated seaside towns and villages. Far from urging people to remain in Dundee during their stay, we like to encourage visitors to head off elsewhere on a voyage of discovery.

This part of Scotland is understandably synonymous with the game of golf. You’ll find some of the world’s most famous courses just a short drive from Dundee, as well as dozens and dozens of undiscovered little gems. Fishing is a way of life here, so be sure to test your skills either on the rivers or at sea. There’s also horse-racing, water sports and a fabulous selection of outdoor activities to try your hand at.

And of course, the jaw-dropping rural landscapes will bring you unforgettable views, wonderful walks and the freshest of fresh air. Glorious trips out are always a part of a city break here, and, perhaps best of all, you get to return to delightful Dundee at the end of the day. Browse our listings below to find out more about things to see and do close to the city.

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