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There’s definitely more to Dundee than meets the eye. With a rich tapestry of history, innovation and culture you’ll be surprised what you can find and experience in and around our city of many discoveries.

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Day one


Day 1 - Our Suggested Itinerary

Dundee is a city that combines the story of the past beautifully with the present. There is a something to discover around every corner and lots of fun ways to find out just what makes this cool wee city tick.

Many a tale begins with a connection to the mighty river Tay and you can put the pieces together by starting at Dundee’s most modern and probably now, most famous landmark; V&A Dundee.

But so much is to be unearthed by also looking to the past. At attractions such as the HMS Unicorn and the Verdant Works you will soon begin to see just why there’s more to Dundee than meets the eye.



Getting your walking shoes on and explore Dundee’s connection with the river and sea on a brisk walk along the riverside. Discover the Maritime Trail, relax at the Urban Beach and play beneath the ‘new’ Tay Whale sculpture.

Venture into a world of design at V&A Dundee or relive the story of an adventure aboard the HMS Unicorn.

Try something new at lunchtime with some New Zealand inspired tastes at the Bach or sample some homemade pasta at Franks’ Pasta & Wine Bar

Franks V&A HMS Unicorn


Spend an afternoon unearthing some of Dundee grisly past with a walk through the Howff, Dundee’s oldest cemetery. Visit the Verdant Works to hear the story of how the Jute industry brought prosperity to Dundee before going on an art trail through various parts of the city with Open/Close. Or maybe set about finding out why Dundee is often referred to as ‘she town’ by following the Dundee Women’s Trail.

Verdant Works McManus Street Art


Broaden your horizons by trying new flavours from around the world at some of the fantastic restaurants that make Dundee their home. From the stylish Brasserie Ecosse, to Mexican street food at Loco Rita’s to contemporary fine dining at Tayberry Restaurant. You’ll enjoy the warm and friendly service wherever you go.

Brasserie Ecosse Loco Ritas Tayberry

Day two


Day 2 - Our Suggested Itinerary

Hop aboard at Dundee Station and take trip along the coast by train to visit the bustling Broughty Ferry and the historic fishing town of Arbroath.

Broughty Ferry is known as the ‘Jewel in Dundee’s Crown’. Well, at least by those that live there, but we’re sure you’ll fall involve with this charming seaside village too. Boutique shops, independent cafes and a 15th Century Castle all await you. With a 12th Century Abbey and a rich industrial and fishing history, Arbroath has plenty stories to share. What’s even better; you can taste it too. The world famous ‘Arbroath Smokie’ never tastes better than fresh from the smokehouse.

Return home to Dundee and enjoy a slap up meal at one of Dundee’s many restaurants.



A short trip on the train can open up all sorts of possibilities. Just over 5 minutes and you’ll arrive in the bustling seaside suburbs of Broughty Ferry. Hop off to wander through streets and uncover a wealth of cafes, shops and boutiques, restaurants and even a castle to welcome you.

You may even be tempted to dip your toes in the ‘almost warm’ water at Broughty Ferry Beach or wander through Broughty Ferry Castle. Or take a more leisurely approach with and bring out your creative side at Ferry Potty.

You’ll be spoilt for choices if you’re looking to recaffeinate and grab a slice of cake too with lovely independent cafes such as The Sweetpea Cafe, Iced Gems or maybe lunch at Gracie’s of Broughty Ferry or Forgans’.

Retail Ferry Potty Broughty Castle Museum


Continue on a mini train odyssey and venture further along the cost to Arbroath; home of the World famous Arbroath Smokie and much more. Wander around the picturesque harbour full of fishing boats, or cast an eye out to sea to look for the Bell Rock Lighthouse, the world’s oldest surviving sea-washed lighthouse.

Visit the Signal Tower Museum and discover a fascinating insight into Arbroath’s history. There’s definitely plenty of history to be found here and none more so that with a trip to Arbroath Abbey, that was built in the 12th century.

Angus Day Trips Arbroath Abbey Signal Tower


Arrive back where you started and reward yourself for a day of exploration with some fabulous fish and chips. Get the catch of the day at Tailend, or try an Arbroath Smokie Scotch Egg at Taypark House Hotel or head back across the water to Newport at sample the delights of a meal at the Newport Restaurant.

Keep the night going with your daily rum tot, but done with a fair bit more finesse at the King Islington. Winner of Scotland’s ‘Rum Bar of the Year’ for the last three years, they may have just the right mix for you.


Tailend King Of Islington Newport

Day three


Day 3 - Our Suggested Itinerary

Sometimes visiting new places makes you open yourself up to new experiences. It’s good for you and what’s more it gives you a great way to get to know the locals. Maybe a spot of relaxing Yoga or some alternative therapies are just what you need to bring you some enlightenment.

Dundee is the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design and is justifiably proud of its cultural attractions. Spend a afternoon taking in some art, design, history and culture and get under the skin of our surprising wee city.

Finally, see a different perspective from your own and immerse yourself at the theatre for the evening or set out to get to know Dundee after dark by discovering the many bars where locals an visitors come together and share a dram or two.


Maybe you want to try a new experience that stimulates more than your mind? Book a yoga session at Heart Space or indulge in some holistic complimentary therapies at Sunflower Room to get mind, body and spirit in harmony. Get a different perspective on the city with views form the Law.

Then discuss you’re new found insight into life over a brew at Mary’s Tea Kitchen, over a rainbow bagel at the Flame Tree Cafe or over Columbian Eggs at Pacamara.

Sunflower Room Flame Tree Cage Heart Space


No one place tells the story of the city better than the McManus; Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum. A must visit for everybody.

Experience more of Dundee’s burgeoning art collection with a saunter along to Tower Foyer and Lamb Gallery and check out the curios at the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum at Dundee University. Or get back to appreciating nature at the Botanic Gardens.

D’Arcy Thompson Botanic Gardens Lamb Gallery


Dundee has three theatres: Whitehall, Gardyne and Dundee Rep. They bring new and varied productions on a regular basis so why not find search our What’s On Guide and spend an evening being entertained.

Make sure you book a pre theatre dinner at one of the local restaurants or head out for a night on the town.

Dundee Rep Whitehall Gardyne

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