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Angus Alchemy have found that following their noses has always brought unexpected results – and that’s the way they like it. Taking innovation into outstretched arms and give it a big, sweaty, end-of-the-night embrace. Maybe for just a wee bit longer than is comfortable.

But that’s alright. Innovation doesn’t mind. In fact, it hugs them right back. It’s something of a symbiotic relationship. They took a risk and built a distillery on their own terms featuring cutting-edge design, operations… and, of course, high-quality spirits. In return, they’re able to use words like ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘high-quality’ like some kind of Silicon Valley wunderkind giving a keynote speech.

Angus Alchemy are here to disrupt and shake up what it looks and feels like to be a distillery and to create a visitor experience unlike any you’ll find elsewhere in Scotland.

Angus Alchemy are situated just five minutes from the world famous Carnoustie Golf Links. Why not mix it up and combine your golf visit with a tasting tour at Angus Alchemy.

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