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A little planning goes a long way sometimes, especially so when you’re visiting a city for the first time. The last thing you want to happen is to get home at the end of the trip only to find there were things you didn’t see, activities you didn’t do and highlights that you missed out on.

First and foremost, in the weeks leading up to your getaway, you might want to think about what exactly you want to get from the trip. Are there specific attractions that you want to get to know better? A particular Dundee restaurant that you’ve been told to check out? Perhaps an activity that you and the family are really keen to try?

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For some people, it’s a good idea to draw up an itinerary, even if it’s just a loose one to give them enough time and space to fit everything in. For others, freewheeling their way through the trip is the ideal option. Both are fine, of course, the exciting city of Dundee is ready and waiting to welcome you, however you want to go about it.

One of the most pleasing aspects of a visit to Dundee is that ours is a relatively small city, so getting from one highlight to another is never going to be difficult. Whether you’re in the old part of the city, on the iconic waterfront or in the surrounding countryside, you’ll have all the time you need to get around. Come and see for yourself; we think you’re going to love it!

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