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Bringing Street Art to the city, Open/Close Dundee is injecting life to the alleyways and forgotten corners of the city, working with local artists.

Street art can make a city look truly amazing and we’re not talking the tagging you may be used to seeing – we’re talking about beautiful artworks which everyone can appreciate. It improves the urban environment, cleans up vandalised areas, and encourages the public to take ownership of their spaces and take pride in their city.

Another bonus is that street art actually discourages vandalism and tagging, as areas with art already in place are far less likely to be targeted. You only have to look to the massive North/South public street art piece under the Tay Road Bridge to demonstrate this.

With the booming creative scene in Dundee – from the Dundee Design Festival to the DCA, Generator Projects, Dundee Ceramics Workshop and Wasps studios, not to mention the recently opened V&A Dundee – it was thought it was high time Dundee saw some more street art.

The aim of the Open/Close Dundee project is to brighten up areas which are prone to vandalism, opening them up to the public and encouraging them to explore their city and go places they may not normally go, using new and exciting routes to rediscover their city.

Look out for Open/Close Dundee tours!

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